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( Jan. 29th, 2017 04:17 pm)
I seem to have been one of the few who really enjoyed the vampire TV series Moonlight from 2007-08. People then said it was a rehash of the Canadian series Forever Knight. I only saw the first season of Forever Knight. I thought that was interesting, but really lacked maturity having come before Buffy instead of after it. It was done well considering it seemingly had next to nothing as a budget.

Compared to Forever Knight, Moonlight had better actors, better sets, better costumes, better special effects, better dialogue, better background music, all of which were a matter of money. But it only lasted 16 episodes. It's certainly true that Moonlight borrowed heavily from both Forever Knight and Buffy. Heck one of the most romantic scenes in Moonlight used the same music as Buffy did for a memorable hot and heavy scene. But focus of each show was different.

Forever Knight was about trying to make amends (but not in a league with Angel. Being post-Buffy mattered). Buffy was as much about a young woman and her friends maturing as it was about killing vampires. Moonlight was essentially a love story.

At any rate I'm off the thing I wanted to mention. I watched the whole Moonlight series again this weekend and realized a very odd coincidence. The last episode of Moonlight had as a vampire, guest star Jonathan LaPaglia who 9 years before had his own show Seven Days about going back in time to deal with problems. Also in the same episode was Abigail Spencer, playing a human 'friend' of another one of the vampires. Ms Spencer 9 years later is in her own series, Timeless, about going back in time to deal with problems. It isn't just vampire shows that keep coming back from the dead.


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