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( Feb. 15th, 2017 07:38 pm)
I haven't spent much time reading lately. February is weed season in Phoenix, and it's best to deal with them now rather than later. Basically I work like the devil for a few weeks in Feb. and for most of the year the front yard looks pretty good without much attention. You can tell the difference between my gravel yard and the ones that get sprayed. (All, but two or three yards on the street have gone to gravel to save on water and maintenance.) The weeds still grow back, especially when the summer rains come, but not nearly as densely.

Anyway, I've basically gone through the front yard by hand, and hoed the weeds fairly thoroughly that would attract termites in the back yard. I use a mower and a weed eater to keep things under control in back for the spring and summer.

It was anything but easy getting through it, this year. I really had a hard time with stamina. The work itself seemed easy enough, I just couldn't work as long as I'd would have liked each day, and with this wettish winter, there was a lot of work to be done. In the evening I was mostly too tired and sore to do anything, but sit and do puzzles. It could have been worse. On Saturday afternoon, it felt like I had the flu; body and joint aches all over, headache and a cough. But I think it was just from exhaustion. Plus the dust that you always kick up here even with the ground dampish is full of bad stuff. ( I should have worn a breathing mask more.) Anyway I had dinner as usual on Saturday and felt better. I decided to take Sunday off just in case. I felt stronger on Monday and pretty much finished yesterday.


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