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( Mar. 23rd, 2017 07:31 am)
I went out early this morning to water because I thought it had not rained as expected last night and discovered the stepping stones in the backyard were damp. I frequently can't hear it softly rain in my house because of the tile roof. I know it's raining when the rain smacks hard into the metal chimney and vent covers up on the roof, which is most of the time when it rains here. Anyway I was outside when I heard someone playing a horn, I presume a trumpet, practicing bugle calls in the subdivision across the park from me. A kid practicing before school, maybe? Any way, glad it wasn't in my immediate neighborhood. Here in AZ we get up earlier and do noisy chores outside earlier than people would back in the Midwest, but I think bugle calls at 7:00 am in a quiet neighborhood is a bit much.

It's that time of year and I need to go get my car inspected today. It's just a pollution inspection. They had a safety inspection as well back in Missouri. But government here doesn't seem here seem to care if your brakes and lights work. With rare rain and no salt on the roads, mufflers last a very long time here, so little need to check to see if you are illegally rumbling down the street.

ETA (before 9:00 a.m.): That was quick. I got past the high school before all the kids were crossing the road. Zipped down the highway. Pulled into the test facility and there was no line up at all, the first time that's happened to me. With newer cars with on-board-diagnostics the test literally just takes seconds. The biggest hiccough was when I handed the tester the exact cash for the test, and he forgot for a second what he just told me I was supposed to be charged, then rolled his eyes at his negligible mistake. A little more highway traffic on the way back, not much. I was gone from home less than 40 minutes. Mail in my forms and money and my car is set to go for another two years.


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