One of my local TV stations is doing an Internet poll about favorite Easter candy. I'd leave a link, but their polls disappear after a day anyway. The choices (and current percent of votes) are:

Chocolate bunnies (10)
Peanut butter eggs (20)
Jelly beans (11)
Cadbury creme eggs (36)
Peeps (8)
Easter M&Ms (15)

When I was a kid the choice was slightly different; no pastel colored M&Ms and no peanut butter eggs. There were then, and may still be now, hard-coated marshmallow eggs that looked like really big jelly beans. Usually we got one medium sized solid chocolate bunny each, unless my mother could only find smaller ones or hollow ones (she shopped for Easter late) in which case we'd get a couple. With that there would be scads of marshmallow eggs and jelly beans which my Mother scattered around the living room every year till I was well into my teens. One year Mother bought a few Cadbury creme eggs. My sister may have liked them. My brother and I didn't. When I was very small we'd get peeps, because though my brother and sister didn't like them, Mother mistakenly thought I might. Nobody actually liked the marshmallow eggs either. But they would slowly get eaten when our favorite jelly beans were gone. In our house the black jelly beans were gone first (my brother and I competed for them), then the red ones which my sister liked best, then the other flavors/colors in some less set order with the clove-flavored ones (some years they were white, some years purple) left till last. The marshmallow eggs would begin to disappear with the less popular jelly beans. It was not unusual for my mother to come by and ask me to eat the last marshmallow egg or two so she could put away the dish they'd sat in for a couple weeks.

I'd have liked M&Ms for Easter. I like unadulterated peanut butter. I like chocolate covered peanuts. I really don't like the so-called 'peanut butter' they put in candy nor peanut-butter flavored candy. So I'm not fond of Reese's cups/ pieces or Snickers bars. (Butterfinger bars are a big exception!) So I'd guess I wouldn't really like peanut butter eggs.

Other than tradition I don't know why anyone likes Peeps. Tasteless and tough. Marshmallow soaked in food dye, rolled wet in grainy sugar and then left sitting till well stale. Yum? YMMV
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