Sirius the cat has had a rough few weeks, although he doesn't seem to notice it much. It all started when I made tacos and he managed to get a piece of shredded cheese that fell on the floor before I picked it up. I saw him do it and thought, 'Well, I'm not going to eat it, now. If he wants it...' He just gobbled it down. 'Oh, he really likes cheese. Maybe I can give him a little bit, for a treat now and then.' So when I was making a sandwich the next noon, he was hanging around so I gave him a sliver, and the next day and the next. Then the next day I noticed he was losing the hair inside on his back legs. Yike!

He loves cheese. But he's allergic to it. It doesn't seem to effect his disposition or general well being. But it certainly did a number on his hair! Fortunately it was the transition time from winter to summer coat and his dusty-brown underfur hung on while his black coat was falling out in most places. But it has taken weeks for his system to correct itself and for his black coat to grow back underneath.

I really felt bad. The first bit of cheese he had, probably wouldn't have hurt him. But giving him cheese three more days was my fault. As an act of contrition I didn't buy or eat any treats myself for those weeks. I just had a salad last night for dinner. I'm trying to lose ten pounds from where I was last year. Guilt is a good motivator, but it isn't much about the cat anymore, now that he is back to his furry self. I am five pounds down, but want to keep going for the rest.

One more thing about Sirius. He must have been a little disappointed in the toy I got out for him this morning. A few minutes ago I found a drawer open in the same cabinets where his toys are. I don't think he's been able to open a drawer before. but his efforts weren't exactly rewarded. A. The drawer with his toys is above his full height on his back legs, B. The drawer he opened was empty and C. When not empty it's the drawer I keep onions in. Sorry, Sirius, by chance I arranged my home to keep curious and industrious kitties very bored. ;o)
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From: [personal profile] mamculuna

I'm glad he's furry again, but how did you figure out it was the cheese causing the hair loss?
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From: [personal profile] mamculuna

Cats are famously lactose intolerant. Usually drinking milk gives them diarrhea (so it could have been worse). They make special milk-for-cats, but mostly they don't like it, so most pet cats never get milk, I think. I've had cats who loved cheese, but none of them got much, so I don't know how they react to that, aside from Sirius.
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Glad he's recovering! I had a cat who was crazy about cheese, and learned that the sound of the fridge door meant possible cheese having. If I wanted to find him I just opened the door.😀
Sam doesn't like cheese, but he adores baked ham.


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