Here's a picture of the Yucca Elata in my front yard from moments ago.
 photo Leaning tower_zpsrjv6o7lg.jpg
It grew straight up at first, taller than the main part of the plant. But as it's grown taller it's leaned more and more. I expected the stalk to land in the driveway last week, when blooms started opening. At least it's not going to land in the street!

 photo Front Elata_zpsbo5td1no.jpg
This is the same plant from years ago. You can compare the smaller type of yucca beside it and the house beyond for size comparison with today. (Notice that like today, that day was trash day!)

 photo Front Elata2_zpsclz0ztxf.jpg
This the same bloom stalk as above maybe a week later. It's what you'd hope the bloom stalks would look like if they were a reasonable size. I don't know if it's the palms next door that have made the stalks to grow so tall, now. They don't shade the Yucca that much of the day. It's difficult to judge how much to water, and since everything is on the same system, you just keep it all looking healthy and hope for the best. The more water the more likely the bloom stalks on this yucca will fall. (The rest of the plant seems quite happy with the same amount!) Several years ago I got six bloom stalks at once on this plant, and all six fell over as soon as the big mass of bloom opened like in this picture. I just had to cut them off. The growth of a bloom stalk can create a branch. The woolly top of the yucca today is a result of those six stalks at the same time.
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