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( Jan. 27th, 2012 11:28 am)
Quote of the day. One cashier to another - Thursday is the new Wednesday. (The store changes specials every Wednesday, and honors both weeks' specials that day. Apparently a lot of people, like me, hate the crowds on Wednesday and are going another time.)

Who needs sports? The weekend of the Superbowl, there's also a big golf tournament here over on the east side of town. The next town over, here in the western suburbs is having a chocolate festival that weekend. The local chocolatier isn't top of the line, but they do make a "French Mint" with the chocolate on the inside that most people really like. Among the other 80 vendors this year there will be booths selling chocolate crepes, key lime pie with chocolate sauce, hand-dipped Twinkies, chocolate covered tomatoes, chocolate covered bacon, and Navaho fry bread (think big, very flat donuts) with marshmallow and chocolate sauce. Okay, some of it sounds like gilded lilies and some of it just sounds disgusting. But I'll take chocolate over golf any day. There's also a romance-novelists' confab at the same festival. Chocolate covered bodice rippers? Nah, but you can't fault their place to meet.

Blast from the past. There was a 1950's style hot rod cruising down my street this morning. 1930's car body; the sedan roof sawn away; slicked up engine out in the breeze. Arizona has different licensing for vintage cars. I suppose that one qualifies, though it's anything, but original.

ETA: Almost forgot. For some reason I was craving toasted ravioli, a St. Louis specialty, recently. This morning I found a box of them in the store... the real thing from St. Louis. Yay!


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