Don't ask me why, but I had a yen for old-fashioned boiled cabbage recently. I bought a head last Friday and cooked a quarter of it yesterday. It was above 100 F outside yesterday, and my air-conditioner is on for the season. So I could have chosen a better season to do it. The burner was pouring hot air into the kitchen from the time I turned it on, but the water wasn't near boiling. It dawned on me that I'd tried a trick before to get things going more quickly. I have a small microwave kettle I use to boil water for tea and hot chocolate in the winter. A few weeks ago I jump started boiling an egg by microwaving a kettle full and putting that in the pot with water heating from the burner. It took less than a minute for all the water to be at a full boil. Same thing happened last night with more water in the pot. I suspect it saves at least five minutes on the total time I have to keep the burner on. If it saves a little on the A/C bill it's worth it.


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