DW seems to be suffering a major spam attack. I've gotten about 15 spam comments to the same post over there in the last couple days and I haven't posted anything there in almost a year. You can mark comments as spam over there as you get rid of them, but somebody obviously is making up new accounts as fast as DW eliminates them. Maybe they need to call a moratorium on new accounts till they can get their sign-up procedure changed?

It's also clear that g-mail is evil. I received a legitimate email from someone through a g-mail account recently and now I've gotten more e-mail spam in a few days than I have in at least five years. My e-mail filter catches it all, but the filter is a little too good and I have to check every time it tells me spam arrived that it wasn't a personal message with a spam sounding title or just a personal message from an unrecognized source.


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