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( Oct. 4th, 2012 06:00 am)
Though I did sit through the convention speeches, I couldn't take listening to the Presidential debate. Okay, I'm biased. Obama started out badly and I didn't want to sit through it till he got comfortable. As fair as it may be to have the audience silent, I think it rattled Obama that there was no general reaction to his wishing his wife a happy anniversary, and he sounded very nervous through the first exchange (which is all I watched). The bit of instant analysis I saw after the debate, seemed to indicate he didn't exactly shine during the rest of it. From what little I heard, Romney was making his canned answer sound less canned than Obama was.

Otherwise on TV so far this week. Bones was better this episode; a really good episode for Sweet. Mob Doctor was fun till the surprise ending. It wasn't a giant how-did-that-happen moment, but more a disappointment. So they are really going down that path so soon in the show? They usually save that kind of thing till the middle of the season when they are grasping at straws struggling to stay on the air. Castle has indeed sunk into the we-can't-tell-anyone rut. Sigh, I hope it gets better as the fall progresses. On the good side, I saw the pilot of Chicago Fire on the net, yesterday. I'm not sure whether it's the episode that's going to be shown for the premiere next week, so I won't say anything directly about the story. But it was by far the best thing I've seen this fall, new or old. Lots of action. Lots of story lines opening up. Interesting characters. I don't know how well they can keep it up after the pilot, but I'll tune in to see how they do.


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