It used to be people had nightmares about getting an accidental $18,000 bill from the gas company. Now thanks to our modern world of electronic wonders a Phoenix area woman paid her $18.69 gas bill via Internet banking with $18069. Yes, she accidentally typed in a zero instead of a decimal point. The charge went through wiping out her checking account. But the bank was nice enough to call her to say she didn't have enough money in her account to pay the rest of the bills she wanted to pay that day. Getting it all undone only took two weeks of fretting by the two banks involved, since obviously there is no way for the banks to allow the company to pay money to a individual as easily as the other way around. {/sarcasm} The woman's account should be credited tomorrow. I could gloat, but yes, I once managed to pay my gas bill to my long distance company. Thankfully, credit from one company and a quick payment to the other the next billing cycle put that behind me.


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