J P and Julia visited Harry Potter World and loved the butterbeer they had there. It's part of their nature to make it themselves back home.Video )

Thinking about Harry Potter too much is not healthy. I got to thinking about why Harry was casting Lumos under the covers at the start of Prisoner of Azkaban when he'd been sent a nasty warning about doing any magic outside school in the book before. Of course, by Order of the Phoenix the rule seemed to have morphed to doing magic in the presence of a Muggle. But aren't we all suspicious that Hermione was showing off in front of her proud parents every summer, and thus shouldn't we be puzzled why Harry would get in trouble for doing magic in front of his cousin, who knew he was a wizard, well before the weird kangaroo court at the Ministry of Magic?

What did Hermione's parents tell their friends when they asked where Hermione was attending school? St. Brutus' like Harry's Aunt and Uncle?

Who saved Harry from the Dementor by the shore? Yes, we were shown that Harry saved himself eventually. But trace the time line through the loop. The first time through Harry would have been a soulless husk if *some else* doesn't save him. Think about it. If some one else saves him then he can go back with Hermione and the next time through the loop he can save himself. *Not the first time.* So did Dumbledore save him, and think, "Oh this is a mess! Harry's a wuss and I still can't save Sirius. Why don't I get Hermione and Harry to go back in time and straighten it out for themselves? Harry thinks I was his dad anyway, and it will be great practice for them!'?


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