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( Oct. 25th, 2012 07:14 am)
It's very expensive to shoot a TV show these days. But it seems like having big budgets has encouraged producers to make everything out of scale even worse than it used to be. Even years ago you'd hear New Yorkers commenting on how insanely large New York City apartments were on TV shows. Now it seems to be everything is like that. On Bones the lab, supposedly inside a museum complex, is palatial despite the fact they never seem to do any work for the museum and there is no talk of payment from the government for their services. Castle is supposed to be a multi-millionaire, so his apartment isn't as outrageous as some, but why is Kate's almost as large? On Chicago Fire the firehouse is like the tent at the Quidditch Championships from Harry Potter, vastly bigger on the inside than on the outside. The locker room and restroom look like they belong in a high school instead of a firehouse. The biggest hunk among the firemen lives in apartment in the city with a lesbian EMT for a roommate: the place is bigger than a lot of suburban houses.

It isn't just the buildings. The stories on a lot of shows are just out of proportion. You look at what worked well on old shows like Adam 12 and Rescue, and you wonder why every last character on shows like Last Resort and Chicago Fire has to be deep, deep, deep in her/his own personal DRAMA in all caps. Why do we need a meandering subplot about whether the hero of Arrow is really, really, really okay with his best friend dating his old girlfriend, who the hero cheated on, and who blames him for her sister's death, and so on and so forth (after only 3 episodes!)?

I don't know about you, but I would appreciate more shows that are a little more cozy, and that don't have umpty characters, each with their own dreadfully important arc all vying for air time.


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