Wednesday TV is getting odd for me personally. I'm enjoying Arrow though if you described it to me I probably wouldn't give it a try; slow paced, predictable plots of the week, action scenes that aren't anything to brag about. But I find the arcs on the show a lot of fun and I'm going to keep watching. On the other hand I have to say I'm giving up on Chicago Fire. It's better than Arrow in a lot of ways; better characters, more mature attitude toward its stories, original takes on its action scenes, vastly bigger budget. But the arcs? It's insanely packed with arcs. It's like watching Glee without the fun musical stuff. Too many deadly serious arcs, folks. A fire house deals with enough tragedy and anguish without adding serious dramatic arcs for all the main characters. The relief from the drama last night (far from comic relief, which the show could use more of) was one bit character helping another bit character out of a jam, and a secondary character guessing a main character's recipe for mac and cheese. I like shows with a little tension, but Chicago Fire just has too much.


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